About ELI

ELI is the leading company in the Baltic with developing and producing simulators and training systems for police and defence forces. ELI is located in Tallinn, Estonia. We started in 1995 with the aim of creating near-realistic simulators for rifles and anti-tank weapons to improve the operational capability of ens-users. Innovative and patented solutions have been developed to provide CO2 operating recoil kits for a wide selection of weapons. In addition to small arms recoil simulators we have also developed and brought to market a unique mortar simulator known as the M-Golf for both 81 and 120mm. Our simulations products are integrated to actual weapons providing the most realistic experience possible, while being extremely cost effective. A separate group of products are our pop-up targets that can be deployed into firing ranged and do not require any existing infrastructure. 

Over the year ELI has exported it products to more then 30 countries world wide. We are a proud member of the larger Estonian defence industry.